"It was a Hobbit Hole, and that means Comfort."

Whether you're a die-hard Tolkien fan or simply seeking a unique and unforgettable getaway, our Hobbit-themed Bed and Breakfast Inn offers an experience unlike any other. 

Picture yourself waking up in a luxurious and whimsical hobbit hole, where every detail has been carefully crafted to transport you to Middle Earth (without leaving any modern comforts behind!). From the round doors and windows to the earthy décor, you'll be immersed in authentic Hobbit ambiance. 

Indulge in a complimentary gourmet second breakfast served in your room. Dishes like our famous baked oatmeal and Shire potatoes will satisfy even the heartiest of Hobbit appetites. We're also happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or food allergies. 

Embark on your own epic journey as you explore the abundant natural beauty of our Shire. Immerse yourself in scenic hikes, visit nearby vineyards and breweries, or simply lose yourself in the captivating charm of the countryside. Return to our inn in the evening and enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire, sharing tales of your adventures with your host or fellow travelers and forging friendships that will last a lifetime.

Book your stay now and let the magic of Middle-earth become your reality. Your own Hobbit adventure awaits!

A Private Retreat On the Edge of the Wild

Our 40-acre property is just 15 minutes from Redding on Scenic Highway 299, but it feels like a world away. With a huge ranch wrapped around three sides of our parcel, the only noise is from local wildlife. Walk on our trails or the hundreds of others in nearby Lassen, Shasta or Trinity recreational areas. Visit Burney or McCloud Falls, two of many stunning waterfalls in our area. Dozens of nearby lakes and rivers provide opportunities for fishing, wakeboarding/water skiing, paddle boarding or kayaking. Redding itself is large enough to provide an assortment of shopping and dining options without big-city crowds and traffic. Finally, our low light pollution provides a "stellar" opportunity for star-gazing, especially during meteor showers!

"We've Had One, Yes. But what about Second Breakfast?"

Second breakfast at Burrowdale inn is NOT your average hotel breakfast. Forget stale danish and pour-your-own waffles. We'll bring a tray to your room each morning during your stay with freshly prepared dishes that will knock the hair off your toes! (Hobbits, as you know, do not wear socks.)

Some of our signature dishes include:

Gaffer's garden baked oatmeal with Shire potatoes. Who says breakfast can't be both hearty and gourmet? Finely shredded carrot and zucchini add depth to this baked oatmeal which is then topped with a delectable hot fruit compote and served with the best potatoes in or out of the Shire.

Elvish/Swedish pancakes with savory chaffles (crispy egg, cheese and bacon waffles served with homemade hollandaise sauce). Originally made in Gondolin, these delicate rolled pancakes inspired the pannkakor, crepe and even the cinnamon roll! The rich hollandaise sauce compliments the light and crispy texture of the chaffle.

Rosie Cotton's savory bread pudding and fresh fruit compote with amaretto whipped cream. Smoked ham, mushrooms, thyme and shallots give this bread pudding a distinctive Shire flavor every hobbit will adore. Sweet seasonal fruit perfectly balances the plate.

Bilbo's creamy baked eggs with seared ham, olive oil toast and seasonal fruit salad. While technically invented by Belladonna Baggins (formerly Took), this was the only way young Bilbo wanted his eggs. Two farm-fresh eggs are cradled in creamy mushroom bliss and baked to perfection. Pile some onto your toast and prepare to discover how you really like your eggs.

-Rustic French toast with lemon curd and cream cheese scrambled eggs. This generous stack of French toast served over lemon curd and topped with whipped cream and berries would probably stand alone as breakfast, but not here. We pair it with our delicate cream cheese scrambled eggs and ham or bacon for a completely decadent meal.

Many of our dishes can be prepared vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free. If you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies, please let us know in advance so we can ensure you have a breakfast suited to your needs.